Once again netgear has made our life easy, now netgear has introduced premium range of cameras which are easy to install & configure, they are more secure as compared to other brands in market and most important one they are wireless which means we don't have to worry about wires going through here and there in our home. Theses new netgear cameras once connected to our home wifi provides us with impeccable surveillance. netgear has equipped theses cameras with cutting edge technology and best in class components. Netgear arlo cameras act as complete connected Home Security System and works with

  • -Apple Homekit
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant

Lets go through its wide range of products one by one :

  • Outdoor Cameras
  • Indoor Cameras
  • Mobile Cameras
  • Baby Cameras
Netgear Genie Setup

Home security can never be limited to one place where you place your cameras, you can use theses netgear cameras anywhere in your house as they come with inbuilt rechargable battery so you can mount them anywhere inside aswell as outside your house. with theses you can feel secure throughout your home as they provide 24*7 HD video and has optional audio recordings aswell. Not only this with theses you can reach where other normal cameras can't reach i mean Arlo Go which is weather resistant can be placed anywhere outside and it uses our mobile data. you can now shine like an pro and keep an eye on your home and bussiness day and night with one of theses.

Smart Features Overview :

  • Crystal clear 1080p HD Quality
  • Best in class video quality, watch and record full HD videos.
  • Sound and Advanced Motion Detection
  • >Get notified as motion is detected by your cameras on your email like this you are never going to miss any moment and always remain connected wherever you are.Weather-Resistant Theses cameras can stand any rain,sun,heat or cold so that's the reason they can be used anywhere.
Netgear Genie Setup

Enhanced Color Night Vision

Comes with a spotlight which make it easy even in dark or during nighttime to get colored images now you can forget thoses black & white,blurry and grainy night vision.

Complete Compatibility

Can connect with any of your smart devices all you need is arlo app on your device which is easily available in playstore.

Built-in Smart Siren

whenever any intruder is detected this feature automatically sets your siren on your phone.

Setup & Installation

Arlo Setup is an easy process if followed step by step, so to make this easy for you this has been divided into four different parts as below :

Connecting Base Station to existing router

  • Step 1 Connect your arlo base station to your existing router using an ethernet cable.
  • Step 2 Connect the powercable to your base station and turn the power on.
  • Step 3 Use the power button on your base station to turn it on.
  • Step 4 Wait For the power light to go green same for the internet light.
  • Step 5 Once both power & internet lights are green your base station is ready to use.Creating an Arlo Account Online

Creating an Arlo Account Online

  • Step 1 Grab your phone or tablet and go to your playstore from your playstore download the arlo app on your device For computer you will have to type my.arlo.com on your browser.
  • Step 2 Create your arlo account using your email just go ahead provide your info there.
  • Step 3 Once you have arlo account created login to it then it will ask you to select your product from the list choose your base station there and click next.
  • Step 4 In some case it might ask you to choose your right date and time format from the list.if so you will have to chooses yours there.
  • Step 5 Choose the right service plan fro your product that will finish your arlo online registration.
Netgear Genie Setup

Finally Synchronizing and Setting Up Arlo Cameras With Base Station

First of all insert the battery into the camera with the sticker or logo pointing in upwards direction while this process your cameras should be right next to your base station once the batteries are inserted your base station will automatically look for your cameras

  • Step 1 Your base station and your arlo cameras both should be in close range.
  • Step 2 On your base station there is a Syn button you need to push it for 3 Sec on it.
  • Step 3 Wait for the Power led to turn green on base station.once led is green you need to push the Syn button on your camera as well.
  • Note : Just a push is needed,Don't press and hold the Syn button.

  • Step 4 If you then see a blue blinking led on your camera it means its Syncronizing with Base station otherwise if there is Blinking amber its unsuccessful and you will have to go through whole process again.
  • Step 5 A solid green light on both your base station and arlo camera means connection is successful.

Please Repeat the same process for other cameras as well.