Netgear Genie Setup

Netgear has made its interface quite user friendly, any one from us can go ahead and follow the simple onscreen step for setting up your new or existing Netgear Wifi Range Extender, Now that is the reason behind why its called as simple plug and play device.

If you are looking for Netgear Genie Smart Setup Screen you will have to visit the default page or also known as Netgear Installation Assistance Page,If you want Netgear to assist you while Setting up your new device here are few steps which you will have to go through.

First of all in order to access Netgear Genie Smart Setup Screen you will have to connect your device you are working on with to your Extender WiFi Network which will show you by the name Netgear_Ext on your wireless network list. Once your device is connected to your Extender's Wifi you need to open your Web browser on yourdevice,now on the address field you need to type in www.mywifiext.net or enter the default Ip address of your extender which is usually by default for all Netgear Range Extender and then hit enter.

Now a login screen will show up on your device which will ask you if you want netgear to assist you on your setup or you want to do it manauly own your own.here you can choose the first option and let netgear further assist you step by step onscreen with the setup.its all an smple process where you just have to choose the correct options such as existing wifi name also known as SSID and correct wifi password for your home wifi also known as Network Key. once you are done with all the required steps it will ask you to finalise your new extender wifi Network settings and then ask you to apply them. Once you will hit on apply it will take you to the success page as below Congrats ! you have successfully completed your new extender configuration using Netgear Genie Smart Setup if you have any additional question regarding your new extender you can further connect to our experts via chat or on our Tollfree 1-818-900-1994

Netgear Genie Setup

Netgear Genie App

Netgear Genie is an user friendly tool or application which we can install on any of our device i.e phone or computer. with netgear genie on your device you can go ahead and manage your any netgear device and their configuration, this make it easy you don't have to go to the web browser using mywifiext.net, routerlogin.net or ip address of your device to access the setting page on yourNetgear Device.you will easily get this application in app store for your phones, go to app store on your phone type Netgear Genie and you can download it fron there. for getting it on your computer you can type Netgear Genie on your browser and you can download it from the Netgear Official Website www.netgear.com, it is available for both windows and mac.Here is what all can be done with Netgear Genie App

Placement Is The Key For Better Signal:

1.Speed Test

you can use this app to check the download and upload speed which you are getting at a given point of time.

2.Guest Network

If your router supports guest network you can manage your guest network settings such as guest network name and set an password for the same network. for getting to guest network you need to click on Router Settings > Guest Access from here you can manage your guest network

3.Network Map

One of the most useful feature of this application, here you can check all the devices which are connected to your home wifi Router. it will only show you the online devices not offline i.e devices currently in use.you can click on network map and get see all your home devices here at the same time.there is also additional feature here Notify Me you can use this feature to get notification of any new device which you are going to connect to your wifi another feature of this is that you will get ip address of each device which you are using at your home by just clicking on Network Map.

4.Wireless Setting

You can use this feature to manage and check the wireless setting of your router here you can check your wifi name, manage your wireless password and much more can be done by clicking on wireless settings

5.Parental Controls

First time you click on this option it will check if your router supports Parental Controls Feature with this you can setup controls for your kids,you can control which websites you want to block and which will be allowed for your kids using this feature